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About Us

There are plenty of "experts" on TV, writing in newspapers and magazines or selling

their latest book advising people on the best way to invest their money.  How is the 

average investor to know what works and what doesn't?  Can you meet face-to-face with 

these "experts" and discuss your individual situation?  Does their advice cover all

situations, like yours?

We get to know our clients individually and understand their financial situation, learn

their goals, needs and tolerance to risk.  We base our investment advice on time tested

academic research that consistently works the long haul.  Does it pay to chase the hot

stock, the best performing mutual fund or the latest hot market segment?  Can you time

the market and beat your benchmark?  When is it appropriate to get out of the market and

move to cash?  When will you get back in?  The answers to these questions may surprise 


We apply modern portfolio theory to your investments to give your investments a better

risk-adjusted rate of return and to guide you to achieve your goals through good markets

and bad.  We will meet with you throughout the year to discuss your portfolio and make

adjustments as necessary to account for changing needs and situations.  We are just a

phone call away should you need to talk about your situation or concerns.

By getting to know you, we are able to examine the "Big Picture" and guide you to

financial success utilizing Wealth Accumulation/Management strategies, creating

guaranteed sources of income and assuring lifestyle protection through a broad selection 

of managed investment and insurance products.